DNA Diet & Fitness 3 Test Combo

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Improve your nutrition based on your genetics
A balanced nutritional intake is essential for a healthy body and mind. Adequate levels of vitamins and minerals are needed for growth, repair and maintenance of the human body. Deficiencies increase the risk of certain diseases and lead to numerous health issues, such as vision problems, reduced immunity, brittle bones and cognitive decline. Many genetic variants have been identified that influence how well we absorb, activate and utilize specific vitamins and minerals. This genetic analysis identifies several of these changes and is a useful tool to help ensure a healthy nutritional status.

Lose weight with the help of DNA
A healthy diet and exercise are the best ways to prevent and overcome obesity. Limiting the intake of foods high in fat and sugars, and increasing the intake of dietary fiber, can greatly improve the likelihood of reducing body fat and maintaining a healthy body weight, but genetics also come into play. This genetic analysis provides individuals with an understanding of their own genetic factors that influence the risk of obesity, and allows a personalized intervention for more effective treatment and prevention of obesity.

Get the most out of your workout
Physical activity is essential for a healthy body and mind. A combination of different exercise types help individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but everyone responds differently to particular exercises, whether the goal is to lose weight, improve muscle tone or run a faster marathon. An individual’s upbringing, current lifestyle and genetic variation all contribute to these differences. Recent studies have identified multiple genetic variants that are more prevalent in endurance athletes, while different genetic variants frequently occur in sprinters and other power athletes. Genetic variation also influences an individual’s exercise motivation, exercise tolerance, susceptibility to injury and pain tolerance. An understanding of your genetics is very beneficial to allow for a personalized exercise program to achieve specific sport and health goals.