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Food Sensitivities

Does just one alcoholic drink cause your face to go bright red? Or results in nausea, insomnia and a severe hangover? These are all signs that your alcohol metabolism pathway has been disrupted. And every drink you consume is affecting your health. Take this DNA test to determine if you are at risk of serious health complications.
DNA Alcohol Intolerance Test Kit
DNA Alcohol Intolerance Test
Does your heart start racing or fluttering after a single coffee? It is possible that you have a slow rate of caffeine metabolism and coffee may be doing a lot more damage than just insomnia. Take this DNA test to determine if caffeine is significantly increasing your risk of high blood pressure and a devastating heart attack.
DNA Caffeine Sensitivity Test Kit
DNA Caffeine Sensitivity Test
Find out if you are at risk of developing celiac disease and determine if a gluten-free diet is the best option for you. A negative test result rules out celiac disease for life. No need to consume gluten before this DNA test, as it is accurate even on a gluten-free diet.
DNA Celiac Disease Test Kit
DNA Celiac Disease Test
Did that milkshake leave you with abdominal cramps and nausea? And last night’s ice cream dessert caused embarrassing flatulence? Maybe you are one of the unlucky individuals who cannot digest lactose in adulthood. Take this DNA test to determine if you at increased risk of lactose intolerance.
DNA Lactose Intolerance Test Kit
DNA Lactose Intolerance Test