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Food Sensitivities

Does your face turn red when you drink alcohol? Do you experience severe hangovers from just one drink? If you answered yes, you may be alcohol intolerant. Find out your risk of alcohol intolerance with this DNA test.
DNA Alcohol Intolerance Test Kit
DNA Alcohol Intolerance Test
Ever wonder if you need to cut back your caffeine intake? Discover whether you are a fast or slow caffeine metabolizer with the DNA Caffeine Sensitivity Test.
DNA Caffeine Sensitivity Test Kit
DNA Caffeine Sensitivity Test
Almost all people with celiac disease carry at least one genetic risk allele. Find out if you are at risk of developing celiac disease and if a gluten-free diet is the best option for you. No need to consume gluten before this DNA test, as it is accurate even on a gluten-free diet.
DNA Celiac Disease Test Kit
DNA Celiac Disease Test
Could your digestive issues be due to lactose intolerance? Almost 65% of people around the world are lactose intolerant to some degree. Find out if you may be one of them with this DNA test.
DNA Lactose Intolerance Test Kit
DNA Lactose Intolerance Test