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Diet and Fitness

Concerned about your nutritional health? Struggling to lose weight? Want the perfect exercise plan? This is the genetic analysis for you! It provides useful insight to help ensure a healthy nutritional status, to help you lose weight and to allow you to follow a personalized exercise program to achieve your personal sport and health goals.
DNA Diet & Fitness 3 Test Combo Kit
DNA Diet & Fitness 3 Test Combo
Get the most out of your workout. Identify how your DNA influences your athletic ability, response to exercise, injury risk and pain tolerance. Start a personalized exercise plan based on your DNA to get the best results.
DNA Fitness Test Kit
DNA Fitness Test
Find out which nutrients your body needs now. Identify potential nutritional deficiencies (vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, Folate, Iron, Omega-3) and improve your nutrition based on your genetics.
DNA Nutrition Test Kit
DNA Nutrition Test
Trying to lose weight? Identify how your DNA influences your appetite, starch processing and fat metabolism, and adjust your diet & lifestyle based on your genetics to help you lose weight.
DNA Weight Loss Test Kit
DNA Weight Loss Test